Chiliz (CHZ) Price Soars 20% as Whales Invest, Testnet Near

• Chiliz [CHZ] registered nearly 20% weekly gain and remained popular among whales.
• Chiliz will soon announce the final phase of Scoville Testnet this year.
• WhaleStats‘ tweet revealed that CHZ was among the top 10 purchased tokens among the 500 biggest Ethereum whales.

In the cryptocurrency market, Chiliz (CHZ) is rapidly gaining traction. This past week, the price of CHZ surged by nearly 20%, and it is now one of the top tokens purchased by Ethereum whales. The rise in price has been attributed to a number of developments in the Chiliz ecosystem.

Chiliz is a blockchain-based entertainment platform that focuses on providing users with access to exclusive content and rewards. The Chiliz team recently announced the final phase of their Scoville Testnet, which will allow users to experience the Chiliz ecosystem before its official launch. In addition, Chiliz has partnered with a number of organizations, such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship, to promote their platform and increase its user base.

In addition, a recent tweet from WhaleStats revealed that CHZ was among the top 10 purchased tokens among the 500 biggest Ethereum whales. This suggests that whales have tremendous trust in this token, and it is likely that the results of the whale’s investment have started to show.

The Chiliz team has also been active in promoting their platform and engaging with their users. They have organized a number of events, AMA’s, and interviews, as well as held Chiliz meetups throughout the year. They also recently completed a rebranding of ChilizX, their platform for fan tokens.

Overall, Chiliz’s recent developments and increasing popularity among whales indicate that it has a long way to go. With the final phase of their Scoville Testnet coming soon, and more partnerships and events in the works, Chiliz is sure to continue its bullish trend.