Polygon zkEVM Reaches New ATH: Closing in on zkSync Era!

• Polygon’s zkEVM witnessed a significant increase in its key metrics, reaching an all-time high of over 70,000 daily transactions.
• zkSync Era also showed commendable performance however zkEVM is slowly closing the gap.
• MATIC’s market cap decreased drastically, pushing it off the list of the top 10 cryptos.

zkEVM Reaches ATH of Daily Transactions

Polygon’s [MATIC] zkEVM witnessed a considerable boost in its key metrics, which reflects increased usage and adoption of the rollup. The growth was to the extent that several metrics reached new all-time highs. zkEVM’s daily transactions reached a new ATH of over 70,000 on 13 June, 2023 while its average gas price declined and daily gas usage increased considerably.

zkSync Era Performance

While zkEVM set new records, MATIC slowly slipped off the list of top 10 cryptos as its market cap decreased drastically. However, zkEVM’s competitor zySync Era also showed commendable performance. As per Artemis data, though zkEVM’s daily active addresses increased it was still way behind that of zySync at nearly 8,000 compared to 190,000 for its peer. The same trend was seen on the daily transactions chart with a difference of more than 100,000 between them.

Closing In On ZySync

As per Artemis data comparing both rollups stats shows that while ZySynce has plateaued in terms of growth rate and adoption compared to ZKevm which is slowly catching up to them and could soon overtake them due to this rise in popularity and usage among users due to low gas fees luring people into using it more often than their competitors as well as encouraging existing users to execute more transactions on it leading to these high numbers we are seeing today from ZKevm .

MATIC Slips Off Top Ten List

While Polygon’s [MATIC] saw an increase in usage via ZKevm , MATIC’s market cap decreased drastically pushing it off the list of top ten cryptocurrencies showing that there may be some disconnect between ZKevm’s success and MATIC’s value currently . This might be something worth keeping an eye on in future days for investors looking for some sort of return or dividend scheme from their investment .


ZKevm has shown remarkable growth recently , surpassing even their own records but is yet far away from overtaking their major competitor Zksync era who have maintained their positions despite waning use around them , however if this trend continues we can expect ZKevm to overtake ZySynce sooner rather than later taking us closer towards what could be called “The Roll Up Era ”